Creating my own products

I have always wanted to create my own products. I love designing and helping others but I think it is about time I start making the things I want. So here are a few links below where I have started to upload my creations. I do plan to buy a printer sometime soon and do my own prints. I am excited to go on this new adventure and continue to learn and of course, create.

Eventually when I am able, I hope to open a store connected to my website. Check them out and let me know if you are interested. What kinds of work would you like to see? Let me know.

- Victoria

Spring update

Where I have disappeared to?

Because of my primary job, I have been doing freelance work and taking requests from family and friends in my free time.

I made an actual tea box as my first product design for an actual client and continued with them to make a large banner for them. I am helping out my sister as she works with May Lee Yang on her projects with my graphic designing skills and will help her develop her website and other fun stuff I can't talk about yet. I will be working with Maivab Photography (not only as her assistant) but on her other projects. Plus I won her summer photoshoot giveaway - that was not rigged I swear.

Other than that, I finally started an online store though I need to set more time to make more products. Check it out at --- it only has three of my publicly shown works so far. I still plan to continue my Hmotifs with the help of my new Cricut Explore and sell my own homemade stickers. Tattoos still pending because that is more expensive. I am reworking my Hmong greeting cards and am in talks to sell them at an existing small business.

Thank you to those who are patient and still follow me.

- Victoria

Welcoming 2018

Happy New Year! 

Starting off the new year with Qhia Dab Neeg. My piece has been floating around and most recently was seen at the  Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. I must admit, this was my first interview on my work so I was pretty excited and may have misspoken. To read the article, it was recently published by MinnPost that can be found here.

Adding onto the article, I was referencing the harvest festivals where Hmong people would come together to celebrate. Today, those opportunities are during July 4th time and of course, Hmong New Years. It is the time of year where we Hmong know that we can meet other Hmong people and mingle. There are a lot of differences between back then and now so the piece I made shows it with the traditional borders from Hmong paj ntaub we are familiar with also being a nod to Facebook. Hopefully that cleared it up a little bit. 

This year I hope to create more work. I have a few ideas in mind and after talking to a few special ladies, I am even more inspired.

Thank you for your support last year as it was an amazing year especially since I graduated. Let's make this another great year!


As you can see by the updates, I have switched from Wordpress to SquareSpace to save myself time with having to figure out how to make my site look the way I want. Even though I have learned to code and know how to do the research for the right code or plug-in, I found that it took away from being able to showcase my work even in the seemingly simplest way. 

Please feel free to contact me or follow me via my social media accounts and in the next post, I will let you know what I am up to.

Take care!