Spring update

Where I have disappeared to?

Because of my primary job, I have been doing freelance work and taking requests from family and friends in my free time.

I made an actual tea box as my first product design for an actual client and continued with them to make a large banner for them. I am helping out my sister as she works with May Lee Yang on her projects with my graphic designing skills and will help her develop her website and other fun stuff I can't talk about yet. I will be working with Maivab Photography (not only as her assistant) but on her other projects. Plus I won her summer photoshoot giveaway - that was not rigged I swear.

Other than that, I finally started an online store though I need to set more time to make more products. Check it out at society6.com/wtoria --- it only has three of my publicly shown works so far. I still plan to continue my Hmotifs with the help of my new Cricut Explore and sell my own homemade stickers. Tattoos still pending because that is more expensive. I am reworking my Hmong greeting cards and am in talks to sell them at an existing small business.

Thank you to those who are patient and still follow me.

- Victoria